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Slavery, Succession and Success
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The Sturm Family
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Welcome to John Browns Homepage. The primary purpose is to provide a genealogy link to the rest of the world for my family. 

Descendants of John Robert Brown

1 John Robert Brown b:in St. Augustine, St. Johns, Florida

.. +Blanche Juanita Garmont b:in Manhatten, New York, New York

... 2 John Robert Brown, Jr. b:in Walker Air Force Base, Roswell, New Mexico

... 2 Richard Terence Brown b:in Ramey Air Force Base, Aquadilla, Puerto Rico

....... +Willow (Pamela) Murawski b:in San Francisco, CA

........ 3 Mikhail Gustave Murawski-Brown b:in Home.Nevada City, CA

... 2 Thomas Edward Brown b: in Orlando Air Force Base, Orange, Florida

....... +Vickie Gwen Henderson b: in Oldenville, OK

........ 3 Tabitha Lauren Brown b: in Castle AFB, Atwater, CA

........ 3 Stephen Eric Brown b: in Fort Jackson, SC

........ 3 Christopher Ian Brown b: in (Mercy Hospital) Merced, CA

... *2nd Wife of Thomas Edward Brown:

....... +Lauri Ann Warman b: in Barberton, OH

........ 3 Nathaniel Ryne Brown b: in Wright Patterson AFB, OH

... 2 Charles Jeffrey Brown b: in Columbus Air Force Base, Loundes, Mississippi

....... +Tammy Sturm b: in Orlando Air Force Base, Orange, Florida

*2nd Wife of John Robert Brown:

.. +Teddy Ann Tyreman b: in Whittier, Los Angeles, California d: October 11, 1999 in (at home) La Grange, CA

... 2 Brian Curtis Brown b:  in Merced/Merced/CA

... 2 Rebecca Ann Brown b: in Merced/Merced/CA

*3rd Wife of John Robert Brown:

.. +Mary Louise Bergren b: in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT

         "The Shack"
    This is the house my mother and father built to live in while they were building their big home pictured below on the St. Johns River at Federal Point, Florida. It was built in 1920. It still stands today.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.